Membership Agreement


First things first, WELCOME TO GOODWORK!

This is a place where you will be spending quite a lot of time. So we want it to be a place where you and your fellow GoodWorkers feel comfortable, supported and inspired. In that spirit, here are the values we intend to uphold with your help. You’re invited to hold us accountable if you ever see that we are not walking our talk. And you can help us with new members by modeling these values, too. These will be posted on our website and in the space and they are always open for discussion and exploration.

  • Action

    We embrace the “¾ baked” philosophy. By getting ideas into action before they are totally cooked, we can test, evolve and advance our concepts.

  • Listening

    We’re always open to new ways to serve you, our members. We want member feedback and any ideas that will directly propel the positive evolution of our work culture.

  • Impact

    We know that in order for members to make their greatest mark on our community, you need an optimal environment. That’s different for each individual, so help us understand it looks like for you.

  • Play

    Life’s too short to not have fun. Play helps reset our focus, gives us creative space for brainstorming, and invites inspiration. We hope to see you tinkering, dabbling and doodling!

  • Sustainability

    We champion the Triple Bottom Line, placing equal emphasis on people, planet, and profit. We invite you to learn more about this approach and join us on the front lines.

And, of course,Wellness.

We know that physical, mental and emotional health are all interdependent in order to thrive in work and life. Plan to build that balance into your day.

Our commitment to you is to eliminate barriers to productivity and engagement that many of us have experienced at work – everything from that Sunday evening dread, to the daily 3 p.m. headache, to that awkward “please don’t talk to me, I’m wearing earbuds” moment. You can find a better way to work at GoodWork!

Ready? Let’s do this . . .

I agree to the Values as stated above.

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